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The Screech Owl (Latin name, Otus asio) is found in many parts of North America, particularly in the United States but also in the north of Mexico and across the southern part of Canada. It is a small owl, only seven to 10 inches long, and is recognized by the reddish, brown and gray colors and telltale tufts over the ears. The call of this charming bird is a mellow hoot or, more often, a quavering, eerie wail which is easy to imitate. It is found in forests, farmland, towns and parks.

The Screech Owls were founded by Muck Munro and Don Dillinger more years ago than they can remember.

Muck had returned to his home town of Tamarack, where he had returned to work following a splendid junior hockey career that was cut short by a severely broken leg that did not set properly. He had played, briefly, on the same line as Paul Henderson, who would go on to score the most famous goal in Canadian hockey history.

Mr. Dillinger, a local building contractor, got Muck back into the game as a coach. Mr. Dillinger offered to serve as manager. The Screech Owls would be a competitive peewee team, open to both boys and girls in the small town of Tamarack and surrounding area. The current team is the best they ever had.

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team uniform
The Screech Owls' colors are white and blue with red trim.
The team logo is a ferocious screech owl holding a hockey stick in its talons. The Screech Owls have been widely praised for their logo and are delighted when other minor hockey teams call themselves the Screech Owls as well.
Click on the logo to view or print a larger image. team logo
Travis Lindsay
Liz Moscovitz
Simon Milliken
Sarah Cuthbertson
Andy Higgins
Gordie Griffith
Derek Dillinger
Fahd Noorizadeh
Jesse Highboy
Dmitri Yakushev
Wayne Nishikawa
Lars Johanssen
Wilson Kelly
Samantha Bennett
Willie Granger
Jenny Staples
Jeremy Weathers
Assistant Coach
Larry 'Data' Ulmar

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