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"For kids who love hockey, and especially for those who play, Roy MacGregor's series of books about a team called the Screech Owls is perfect reading.
-The Ottawa Citizen


(BOOK 2)
ISBN 0-7710-5626-5

written by Jeffrey S.

Book Cover

Main Characters: There are many characters in the story. One of then is Travis Lindsay, Ted Lindsay's son, he is the captain of the Screech Owls team. Travis caught the people trying to steal the Stanley Cup. Travis chewed his nails just like the Leafs superstar Mats Sundin.

Another character is Lars Johanssen, a Swedish boy also like Mats Sundin. Lars can speak Swedish very fast to Mats, all the others can't keep up or understand.

Another character is Nish, he also helped Travis catch the guys who planned to steal the Cup. Nish likes to smoke. He likes to check out strip clubs like the Zanzibar.

Another character is the coach Muck. He's a guy who likes to spoil the team like almost buying the whole team hockey tickets. Muck is a good coach, he led his team to the finals.

Setting: There were a few settings in the book. One setting was the Hockey Hall of Fame that was the place where the Stanley Cup was planned to be stolen and where Fahd, Data and Wilson were caught for shoplifting. Another was the arena where the Screech Owls team played all their games. The other was the CN Tower where their team had a race that tired the whole team out. The whole story took place in Toronto.

Plot: The story is about a team coming to Toronto for the biggest and hardest tournament of their lives. Their team also makes mistakes on the way like Nish spraining his ankle from falling down the stairs at the CN Tower. Later Fahd, Data and Wilson have to go home because they were caught shoplifting. So they're going to have to play the championship without three of their key players.

One night, before the championship game of the tournament, two robbers were planning to steal the Stanley Cup from the Hockey Hall of Fame. When they tried to steal it, Travis, Nish and Lars saw the robbers stealing the Cup. They ran to the owners and told the owners what happened. The robbers got in big trouble. The night of the championship game the Screech Owls lost to Toronto Towers and everyone was crying.

Personal Reaction: I liked the book because it was good and it was about things that I am interested in like hockey, the CN Tower, Mats Sundin and Doug Gilmour. I liked Lars the best because he spoke Swedish so fast that no one could keep up. The part I didn't like is I wanted the Screech Owls to win the championship instead of the Towers. Another part I felt sad about, was good guys on the team got caught shoplifting. That part made me feel sad. I like the author, Roy MacGregor, and I have a whole series of his books. My dad can get his autograph anytime he likes.


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