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"Murder at Hockey Camp . . . is entertaining, with several plausible suspects, and just enough clues to keep the reader guessing. A good blend of action, humor, and mystery . . .
-Quill & Quire


ISBN 0-7710-5629-X

written by Ian E., 12

Book Cover

Murder at Hockey Camp by Roy MacGregor is a story about an off-season hockey camp and what goes on there.

When part-owner Buddy O'Reilly starts to pick fights with other camp officials, somebody feels the need to kill him.

The six boys of cabin "Osprey" decide to play a trick on O'Reilly by taping the sound of a mosquito. When it lands they plan to tickle his nose with a feather so that he slaps at it with his hand full of shaving cream, but the plan backfires. First of all, they hit the record button on the tape player instead of play and at the same time, he receives a mysterious call, which the boys get on tape.

After O'Reilly is killed, the boys get involved in solving the murder.

I like this book because it was suspenseful and funny. I would recommend it to young readers interested in mysteries. Anyone looking for a good, but not too long, read should pick this book.


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