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"MacGregor has a way with kids books and with hockey. His adult novel, The Last Season, is possibly the best hockey story ever, and there's a corresponding quality to . . . his Screech Owls series."
-The Hamilton Spectator


ISBN 0-7710-5628-1

written by Daniel C., Grade 6, Winnipeg, Canada

Book Cover

Dear Mr. MacGregor:

My name is Daniel and I live in Winnipeg Manitoba. I am in grade 6 and I attend Centennial School. I read three of your books in the Screech Owls series, which includes: The Night They Stole the Stanley Cup, The Screech Owls' Northern Adventure, and Murder at Hockey Camp.

I am writing to you because my class and I are doing a project on our favorite author. I chose you because you write excellent books and I love hockey. You should be proud of yourself and I hope that one day, if you are not too busy, you could come to Winnipeg and write a book here.

The Screech Owls' Northern Adventure
I found this book to be funny, scary and exciting. The funny part was when Nish was in the airplane with blankets over him and the flight was very bumpy and rough. When the plane landed everyone was so quiet he thought they were all dead. There was a scary part in this book when Nish fell through the ice and thought he was going to drown. His team pulled through and saved him. There was also an exciting part when Nish, Rachel, Jesse, Liz and Rachel's grandfather were playing hockey together, and Travis pulled a really cool and awesome move on the grandfather.

The part of the book that I would change is when Nish was disrespectful to the people of Waskaganish, James Bay and to their culture. Those people opened up their hearts and homes to him and his team. If he didn't like their food or anything else he didn't have to tell them and hurt their feelings.

I would write a book about a kid who could turn himself into a hockey puck. Then he could shoot himself anywhere he wanted on the ice. If the other team took a shot at his team's net then they would score on themselves. This book is very good because, yes it's about hockey, and you never know what can happen next.


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