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Tamarack is the town where the Screech Owls live, and it is also a type of tree.

Tamarack trees look like other evergreens, but these trees are deciduous conifers. That means they shed their needles every autumn, but not before the needles turn to a golden brown.

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The town of Tamarack: Home of the Screech Owls

town of tamarack
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Tamarack is in the heart of Canada, the country that gave the world ice hockey. It is a picturesque community built between two hills and alongside a winding river. Every winter, where the river forms a bay at the edge of town, town workers create an ice rink and put up a couple of hockey nets. Winter begins in November and the snow often lasts until April.

Tamarack has a local theatre, three elementary schools, and the oldest stone in the cemetery dates back to 1867 - the year Canada became a country. The main industry was once logging and there was a leather-tanning factory too. When the factory closed and the lumber business declined, tourism became the big thing. There's a marina on the river, there are several resorts, many cottages, and a provincial park that's only a half-hour away.


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